Théorie de la Dérive

1920x1080, 25p, H.264 No color
Duration : 6mn35sec in loop, stereo, 2024

Warning This film contain audio that may be alarming and/or trigger traumas.
This film is not a spectacle it has no pretention
If you're looking for a film that will change from your daily life then this film is not for you
If you to watch a film that will make you forget your existence then this film is not for you
This is not entertainement
This film will take from your available brain time.
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This is venom for eternity
Don't worry
This is fine.

"Un jour, on construira des villes pour dériver. On peut utiliser, avec des retouches relativement légères, certaines zones qui existent déjà. On peut utiliser certaines personnes qui existent déjà."

"One day, we will build cities to derive. We can use, with relatively slight adjustment, already existing zones. We can use already existing people."

Les Lèvres nues n° 9 décembre 1956 et Internationale Situationniste n° 2 décembre 1958

By practicing the dérive, we can draw a sociology of the territory we've been exploring. It allows us to understand the structures, the movement, the fluctuations of people, and the dynamics that are in effect in specific environments: which area drags the most attention, which areas are abandoned, misplaced or unused, and why.

By creating a mapping of movements and derives, we can create alternative ways and hijack the contemporary hubs of neoliberalism. Its method of influencing the economy by placing a logic of profit creates a profitable landscape - one that draws power dynamics through development and pivotal structures according to the logic of shareholders.

You can shift your perspective by allowing your spirit to insert new drifts and new logic emerge from your derive.